Tax Equalization

Physical Address:

1000 5th St N
Carrington, ND 58421

Mailing Address:

PO Box 257
Carrington, ND 58421

Phone: (701) 652-3060

Fax: (701) 652-2173

The Foster County Tax Equalization Director is an appointed position. The current Foster County Tax Equalization Director is Karen Evans she was appointed to the position in 2015.

As the Tax Equalization Director she performs the following duties:

  • Calls upon and confers with township and city assessors in the county to instruct them in preparation of property cards, assessment books, changes in laws, the determination of proper standards of value, the use of proper classifications of property, etc.
  • Responsible for administration and enforcement of mobile home taxes as well as issuing building permits and moving permits.


Karen Evans
Tax Director
(701) 652-3060

Rachel Stokes
Administrative Assistant
(701) 652-3060


Vanguard Re-Assessment

For complete information regarding the county wide re-assessment, click HERE

The Vanguard representatives are here and will be assessing non-farm exempt residential property according to the following schedule. The Vanguard representatives assessing commercial property will be here at a later date. 

  • One rural assessor will start in Birtsell Township and work east through the village of Barlow, Estabrook Township, Nordmore Township, Larrabee Township, City of Grace City, Florence Township, McHenry Township and the City of McHenry.
  • One Rural assessor will start in Wyard Township and work east through Longview Township and then east through Melville Township, village of Melville, Bordulac Township, village of Bordulac, Bucephalia Township, Mckinnon Township and Eastman Township. 
  • The rural assessors will then be in Glenfield Township, city of Glenfield, Rolling Prairie Township, Haven Township, Rose Hill Township and Carrington Township. 
  • One city assessor will start at the north end of the City of Carrington (near Klocke addition) and work West.
  • One city assessor will start in the middle of the City of Carrington (near the school) and work West.
  • One city assessor will start at the south end of the City of Carrington (near Bechtold addition) and work West.

All the assessors will try to find you at home

  • They will knock and/or ring your doorbell
  • If you are not home, they will measure the outside of the structures on your property and they will measure the lot.
  • They will leave a bright pink tag stating they have completed their work on the outside of your home and ask that you contact them to return for a look inside your home.
  • In addition, they will return a second time after 5 PM to try to catch you at home. 

If you refuse to let the Vanguard representative into your home, and you are free to refuse, they will ask that you complete a short survey describing your home (number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, etc.) 

THANK YOU for your cooperation with the Vanguard representatives as we work to equalize values in Foster County. 

Please contact Karen Evans (information below) if you have ANY questions or concerns. 

Karen Evans
Tax Director
(701) 652-3060

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